LYSEWIRED provides custom training.

lysewired provides training

Training is required to be up to date with technologies and market. But are you sure you are getting a good training value? Purchasing training for your organization requires more than just "finding an outline" and paying the cheapest price. The smart way to purchase training is to align your business needs with your learning objectives. When you do this, you will realize the most effective and productive way to train your staff requires a training solution and not a regular training class. Moving away from an "off-the-shelf" commodity offerings to a training solution is the only way you will ever realize a return in your training investment.

LYSEWIRED can provide custom training up request. Our training solutions are:

  • Java Enterprise Edition: An overview of the JEE stack.
  • Web services: From SOAP to SOA.
  • Open source: Keys to select open source solutions.

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